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Successful Dubai Open Day

Seeing products and equipment in the flesh and in action can provide customers with the best possible understanding of how they operate and what their capabilities are. This was at the forefront of the minds of the Flowline Specialists FZE team in Dubai when they were planning an open day in partnership with Motive Offshore FZC.

Like Flowline Specialists, Motive Offshore is a Scottish company that is also based in north-east Scotland and works in similar markets. Therefore, teaming up with the firm and a number of other businesses to stage an open day in Dubai was an easy decision.

Other companies that participated were Bridon-Bekaert, Cutting Underwater Technologies (CUT), Emisafe, Euroload, Eztek and Trelleborg Group. Bringing together a number of businesses allowed guests to learn about a range of complementary products and services throughout the day.

A series of live demonstrations from each of the participating companies also took place, letting guests see some of their equipment operating and understand how they can be used in the oil and gas, subsea and renewable energy industries.

One of the pieces of equipment from the Flowline Specialists’ fleet that we showcased was our 3Te horizontal Linear Cable Engine (LCE). It can deploy and recover flexible pipe, umbilicals and cables ranging in diameter from 20mm to 325mm. Designed and manufactured in-house by our UK-based team, the LCE is suitable for use in onshore and offshore environments. Featuring three wheel pair units that each provide 3Te of grip force, which equates to 9Te overall grip/pinch pressure, the LCE can lay product at up to 30m per minute.

Group operations manager Graeme Chalmers, who leads Flowline Specialists’ Middle East operations and helped organise the day, said: “The open day was very well received by all those who attended. It was a great platform for guests to learn more about a range of complementary products and services within a short space of time, see some of them in action and also ask detailed questions.”

Visit the equipment section of our website for more information on our fleet and to download product data sheets.

Click on the image below to watch a short video of the day.


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